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dltv 256 episode

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dltv 256 episode

by pcmag

Published October 30, 2008

Episode 256:
Happy Halloween!

What's new in Episode 256
• Brooks Rowlett joins Robert on set.
• Robert's Sony XEL-1 review is in the hands of the capable PC Magazine copy editors and will be posted online very soon - keep an eye on PC Magazine's HDTV section for the latest updates.
• This week's tech pic is from Justin V. from Seattle, WA. Justin is showing off some serious Lego Art that he did himself with a little help from some Java code.
• Scott Asnault talks to 1UP's Shane Bettenhausen about this years scariest games.
• Hey iPhone owners...need some apps for Halloween? Brooks has 4 that will be perfect. Check out Seance, Hangman, Carve3D, and Halloween. Brooks has another app that is not for Halloween, but will be good to have on your phone. Check out Google Earth.
• Not to long ago our Sage of Tech Loyd Case wrote an article entitled, Stupid Tech Glitches that Drive Me Crazy. In his segement, Loyd shares 2 tech problems that he has had and how to deal with them. This does not end well for the tech.
• And now for the viewer question:
First question is from Gary of Prescott, AZ:
Is it safe to mail order a large LCD HDTV? Looking at a 52" Samsung 550 or 560 series at Newegg. Also, how important is initial calibration and does it need to be done annually as suggested by a salesperson at Best Buy?
• Next Week: Our Sage of Tech Loyd Case will be on the show to answer your questions and also to show off Windows 7.
See Ya Then.


Run time 37:03
Producer pcmag
Audio/Visual sound, color
Language English


Robert Heron
Brooks Rowlett


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